​A small leak hidden in your pipes that’s left ignored for too long can cause major problems! As water from a leak builds up on the surfaces surrounding the pipe,  mold and the water itself can cause a great deal of damage and a cost a great deal of money to repair.  Leaks should be examined by a plumbing professional as soon as possible . That way,  they can diagnose and treat the problem before it gets too big.

Keep an eye and an ear out for some tell-tale signs:

  • Walls that sag or that have inexplicable stains
  • Walls with mold
  • The sound of running water without any faucet or appliance being turned on.
  • An inexplicably high water bill

If you’re located in the Baltimore area,  call us, the leading plumbing company in Annapolis,  Bethesda,  Rockville, and Silver Springs.  We will use our specialized plumbing equipment to find the source of every leak, and make it so your pipes are as good as new!